python -m pip install Pylians


Pylians works for both python2 and python3. Depending on your python version, it will install accordingly. Sometimes, python3 needs to be invoked explicitly as python3. If so, install as python3 -m pip install Pylians


When facing problems installing Pylians due to openmp, its functionality can be disabled by removing the -fopenmp flags in the file (see Instructions for Mac development version). This requires the installation in the development mode.


Pylians make use of these packages

  • numpy

  • scipy

  • h5py

  • pyfftw

  • cython

that would be installed automatically when invoking the above pip command. Note that Pylians also requires a working openmp environment. This needs to be installed separately before invoking the pip command. If there are conflicts with old versions, try to upgrade to the latest versions of the required packages, e.g.

python -m pip install --upgrade numpy


To upgrade to the latest version

python -m pip install --upgrade Pylians